5 Common Causes of Residential Water Damage

Water damage is one of those things for which every homeowner should keep an eye out. Fortunately, it’s entirely preventable, and as one of the best local roof replacement contractors who also happen to be flood remediation experts, Professional Roof Applicators Inc can share the five common causes of residential water damage and what you can do to prevent them.

  1. Leaking Roof – Most homeowners with roofing problems discover leaks when they notice water stains or when rainwater starts dripping indoors. These are indicators of the later stages of a roofing leak, which means you will need to hire a professional roofer to fix it before it starts leading to wood and insulation damage. The key to preventing leaks is not waiting for such signs to manifest and to hire a professional for scheduled maintenance and timely repair.

  1. Gutters – Gutters likewise need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent water damage. One of the most common problems is the sealant on the joints, which needs reapplication once in a while. Another is accumulated leaves, dirt and debris, which can clog the gutters. Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as investing in seamless gutters and gutter protection systems, can help prevent such problems.

  1. Broken Appliances – Home appliances that use water – toilets, washing machine and dishwasher to name a few – could cause a mess if it malfunctions and is often one of the reasons why homeowners call for flood damage contractors. Again, proper maintenance and timely repair for these appliances is important.

  1. Damaged Pipes – Your plumbing system has to be looked after from time to time in order to prevent leaks from damaged pipes. If you have the option to site your water supply lines inside your home, then do so. Even if the water doesn’t freeze in the pipes, temperature changes can accelerate wear and tear on your plumbing.

  1. Flooding from Storms – And finally, there’s flooding caused by the weather. It is one cause of water damage that can’t be avoided, but the important thing is in getting a professional who can minimize the damage after the fact. The excess moisture could cause secondary damage that leads to damage to structure, insulation and flooring, as well as mold and mildew growth. If your home gets flooded, call Professional Roof Applicators Inc. We have the expertise to get you and your home back on track as soon as possible.

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