How Floods Can Damage Your Home

Flooding can have a devastating effect on the structural integrity of your home. It can cause massive damage to your property. Reputable flood damage and roof replacement contractors, however, can help restore properties afflicted with moisture or water accumulation as long as you act quickly.

Professional Roof Applicators Inc. discusses areas where flooding can wreak havoc.


In Texas, homes are built on concrete slabs because of the soil’s composition, which mostly consists of clay. When the clay is soaked, parts of the slab are lifted, causing it to break or crack. The problem, however, does not end there. As the soil dries and shrinks, moving water erodes the soil from below the slabs. This destabilizes the structure and can ultimately cause the poorly secured house to “float” off its foundation.

Windows and Doors

When your home shifts because of the clay expansion, you may notice jammed windows or doors. You’ll have a hard time operating them since the frames will be distorted by the sudden movement of the slab. The glass can also crack in severe cases.


Water can easily harm drywall. When the material is saturated, crumbly and moldy, it needs prompt replacement. Wall areas that stay in contact with water have to be cleaned and dried to prevent mold growth. Get in touch with licensed flood damage contractors to fix these damaged areas.


Floodwater from a ravaging storm is a mixture of sewage leaks, chemical spills and other contaminants. Always sanitize these items before bringing them back into your living space, especially the bedroom.

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