Remediation for Different Kinds of Flood Damage

Floods can cause severe damage and stress for homeowners. So, it’s very important to address the problem before the excess water can cause further damage. As one of the few roof replacement contractors that also offers flood remediation services, Professional Roof Applicators Inc gives you an overview of the different kinds of flood damage and how our remediation efforts can help.

Sheetrock Remediation

Sheetrock or drywall is susceptible to the effects of flooding as it can absorb a large amount of moisture. This can lead to several problems down the road, such as mold growth and weakening of the wall. Flooding is likely to reach the foundation, possibly soaking the concrete posts, which may crumble over time and cause your house to collapse. That doesn’t happen often, but the danger is real. Our team at Professional Roof Applicators Inc have the training and equipment to eliminate moisture from drywall and minimize its unwanted effects.

Insulation Remediation

Another problem with lingering moisture is that it could soak into the insulation and cause it to clump. This is similar to the damage to attic insulation caused by roof leaks, which roofing and gutter contractors like us see quite often. It takes skill to remove water-damaged, useless insulation without damaging its surrounding areas – skills that our team certainly has.

Flooring Remediation

Most kinds of flooring material would fail when soaked in flood water for too long, which is why remediation has to be done quickly. Once we eliminate most of the water using vacuum-based tools, we use heat-based devices and industrial-grade dehumidifiers to turn the remaining moisture into vapor and vent it out of the house.

Cabinet and Countertop Remediation

For kitchen furniture damaged by flood, we can remove the muck and flood water, dry your kitchen using our advanced equipment and help restore your cabinets and countertops back to their prime condition.

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