Restoring Your Home After a Flood

There are very few things that can damage a home quite like a flood. The combination of heavy rains pounding on your roof and having parts of your house submerged in dirty water for extended periods all but guarantees significant water damage. That water damage promises to corrode parts of your home, cause mold to grow and put your home at great risk. For times like this, gutter repair services will simply not be enough.

Professional Roof Applicators Inc talks about the process professionals use to restore your home after a flood.


Floods tend to bring in bacteria, which is why the process of sanitizing a home that has been ravaged by flood is extremely important. Using appropriate biocides, flood damage contractors need to do this in order to prevent any health risks.

Tearing Off

Once the sanitizing process is over, specific parts of the affected area need to be stripped away. Anything that has been ravaged by the flood, from floor coverings to plaster to decorative parts, needs to be removed and disposed of in order to eliminate the risk of mold and other similar issues.

As your roof replacement contractors, we will explain everything in detail before proceeding to tear off any part of your home.

Drying Out

Once the affected areas of the home have been sanitized, the task of drying the house can begin. Using different types of equipment, this phase aims to remove the moisture in the affected areas of the home. Moisture tends to linger and leads to long-term water damage as well as a nasty odor.