Residents in the Southern United States brace themselves every year during hurricane season. Each year, the intensity of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico seems to increase. As a result, many families will see extensive damage to their homes several years in a row. Following a major hurricane, most homeowners will immediately begin assessing damages. Sometimes this can be done themselves and other times it is necessary to call a professional. A good way to tell if your home has roof damage is to look at other exterior features of your home. For instance, does the siding or deck have dents or other visible damage from hail, wind, or rain? Are your gutters filled with granules from your roof’s asphalt shingles? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you can expect roof damage. PRA Roof Contractors is a roofing contractor that has been serving homeowners throughout the deep South for over twenty years. We have provided exceptional service and results for over thirty thousand clients and counting. Furthermore, our team has dealt with homeowner’s insurance companies. We can offer practical advice about how to file the most effective and straightforward insurance claims possible.

Causes of Hurricane Damage


Hurricane-force winds are defined by meteorologists as being seventy-four miles per hour or greater. Gale-force winds often experienced during a tropical storm, are classified as thirty-nine to fifty-four miles per hour. Winds of this strength will cause visible and extensive damage to the home.

When shingles are placed, they are overlapped in order to create a tight seal. Heavy gusts of wind can lift and curl shingles so that the underlayment is exposed. This, in turn, will cause the roof decking to be more susceptible to damage from rain.

Torrential Rain

If your roof is in good condition, generally a rainstorm will cause little to no damage. However, during a hurricane, torrential rain partnered with heavy winds has the potential to cause significant damage.

If wind loosens or tears shingles off your roof, the underlayment and roof decking will be exposed. This can cause problems because it facilitates water leaks into your home. Furthermore, if your gutters are filled with debris, then water can back-up onto your roof. This can cause it to get in between and underneath the shingles. In the middle of a hurricane, it is almost impossible to secure a tarp on your roof to prevent further damage.

However, if there is a break in the heavy winds and rain, it is a great idea to call a roofing contractor to help secure a tarp and do an initial inspection. As a reminder, it is always a good idea to have another person present when you are on the roof. This way, if something happens, that person is present to call 911.


It is not uncommon for hail to pop up during a severe storm. It only takes walnut-sized hailstones to cause significant damage to your roof. If you are unsure what hail damage looks like, it is a good idea to hire a Professional roofing Contractor. Most companies will offer free inspections, especially in the aftermath of a severe storm.

Hail damage can be hard to spot if you have not been trained to look for it. Typically, you can check your gutters for shingle granules and get a good idea of whether there is damage to your roof. Additionally, if the siding of your home has dents and damage from hail then you can pretty much count on roof damage.

Whether there is damage to shingles, underlayment, or roof decking, it is crucial to make repairs as soon as you are able. If the storm is prolonged, take advantage of any temporary lapse in the severe weather to cover your roof with a tarp.

Tornadoes and Falling Debris

Another way your roof can be damaged during a hurricane is through flying debris. High wind gusts and tornadoes can uproot trees, and even lift property like cars and patio furniture off the ground.

If something heavy were to hit your roof, there will be damage. Before you go up on the roof to examine it, make sure that you scout out any large pieces of debris that might present a tripping hazard. If you are unsure about the security of the roof, consider calling a professional contractor.

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Filing an Insurance Claim

No matter what kind of damage your roof has, it is within your rights to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. The first step in doing this is to take pictures of the damage and document where the damage is located. Remember, do not complete any repairs before the claim has been sent in.


If you are filing an insurance claim, it is always a great idea to have a reliable roofing contractor working with you to make sure the claim is as effective and inclusive as possible.

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Choosing a Roofing Contractor

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