Ways to Prevent Flood Damage in Your Home

Mother Nature can strike anytime or anywhere, which is why you need to prepare your home to prevent its ravaging effects. One of the most common natural disasters, according to the Federal Emergency Management Emergency, is flooding. It is also the most expensive since it can damage and soak your belongings in an instant.

Professional Roof Applicators Inc., one of the leading roof replacement contractors, shares some tips on preventing or minimizing flood damage.

Protect In-Home Electrical and Climate Systems

According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), you should lift the switches, circuit breaks, sockets and wiring at least a foot above the expected flood level in your area. Adjust the water heater, furnace and other indoor equipment so it’s situation above your property’s flood level.

Safeguard Outdoor Equipment

Check the items in your exterior space. Fuel tanks, generators and air conditioning units should remain dry if a flood occurs. Place them in areas where water won’t reach them.

Know How Water Flows Around Your Home

Depending on your home’s grading or slope, water can either be directed to or away from your home. Observe how the rainwater moves during an average rainfall. Areas prone to standing water should be more prepared since their home is more susceptible to water intrusion. Get in touch with flood damage contractors to help you deal with the flood’s aftermath.

Take Precautionary Measures

Before the water rises, clean the gutters, drains and downspouts. That way, water won’t settle near your home’s foundation. You should also move the furniture, rugs and other important belongings to the safe zones. Lastly, turn off electricity at the breaker panel.

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