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Our team strives to get to know our clients and remain transparent throughout every step of the project. We also aim to tailor our services to meet your needs on every level. With the help of our detail-oriented team, we promise to exceed your expectations. No matter the size of the project, we can replace, repair, and install any roof. Become one of our 30,000 satisfied property owners across the South.

When you are a commercial property owner, it can be a struggle to find a dependable Houston commercial roofer. You want the best of the best, after all. With the right roofers and the right roof, you can achieve energy savings and increase your tenants’ safety.

About Our Team

Our team does more when it comes to your roofing needs. Whether you are looking for an estimate or you want to compare the scope of our work, you will be impressed to see the wide variety of options we offer. We want you to have a friendly and courteous service at an affordable price. Allow our team to help you with all your commercial roofing needs. We have worked on problems ranging from shingle replacement to complete roof overhauls.

When you choose a quality roofing contractor, you are getting a roof that will last you for years to come. Depending on the type of roof you have, it can last between 15 to 50 years. We can help you get the most out of your roof. PRA Roof Contractors, Inc is a well renowned award winning Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.

Owens Corning is the #1 roofing brand and has been for decades because of their commitment to providing the most eco-friendly, versatile, and durable products. As one of their Platinum Preferred Contractors, you can expect us to provide you with quality service every step of the way.

Our team uses products from the Owens Corning brand. So, if you are looking to upgrade or replace, you know your investment will be worth it. Additionally, we offer Platinum Roofing System Limited Warranties, which covers the work we provide for 50 years.

In addition to being an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we are also a founding member of the UASRC. There is a lot that goes into becoming a long-term member of the United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors (UASRC). All UASRC members must abide by the following:

  • Abide by state and local licensing regulations and perform all work to varying jurisdiction’s code.
  • Be in business for a minimum of three years.
  • Will not knowingly submit a fraudulent invoice to the insurance company or property owner
  • Will not begin negotiations or interfere with an existing contract between a property owner and another company.

We have sworn to abide by all the UASRC’s Best Business Practices. By choosing us, you are getting the best quality services at an affordable price. Whether you need help with storm damage, roof installation, repair, or replacement, we are there for you.

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Roof Financing

PRA Roof Contractors, Inc. also provides roof financing. We understand that labor and materials can be a primary hurdle for many property owners. And when it comes to the roof over your head, you want to ensure both high-quality labor and material. Allow us to take the hurdle away by offering financing options.
When you look at our financing programs, there will be various payment plans to fit your needs. With our services, the beautiful roof you are looking for is only a phone call away. We can help you get the very roof you need for a price that works for your budget.

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Experience That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our team is professional in every sense of the word, and our philosophy is simple: exceed our customer’s expectations. No matter the financing program you choose, we will provide you with high-quality workmanship, materials, and services.

Let our team make your property look as good or even better than before. With our experience and dedication to our work, we can handle any unforeseen issue that may arise. We also aim to minimize disruptions to your workplace by providing quick quality service.

On top of everything, we can help you deal with insurance claims. We have been working with insurance companies for over 20 years. With our experience, we can help speed up the claim process.

There is a lot that goes into commercial roofing. This is why it is essential to consider all the possibilities and choose which one will best suit your business’ needs. When you talk to our experts, we can help you get a free estimate and tell you which materials will work best for your building and roofing situation.

Often the time involved in a commercial roof installation is more extensive than those for residential roofing. In addition, there are some complexities when it comes to gluing, settling, and curing the materials. Between the large installation area and the material used, the commercial roofing process can be time-consuming. Depending on the building, a commercial roof installation can sometimes take a month or more to complete.

Understanding the differences between commercial and residential roofing allows you to know what to expect when your roofers begin the project. Even the problems you may face with your current commercial roof will be considerably different. With commercial roofs, environmental issues, among other issues, will be on a larger scale that could affect different sections of the roof. Where a leak on a residential roof may need a patch, a commercial roof could require a patch in a single area, or the whole roof may need a new coating. Depending on the size of the roof and material, a leak may need a full roof replacement. Commercial roofing typically requires solutions that differ from residential roofing solutions.

Our team is here for you with any project you have. With locations and customers in Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia, it is no wonder why we are the leading roofing company in the South.

There’s a lot that goes into what makes a roofing company great. While you may be tempted to go for the company that is offering the lowest price or that has the most employees, there are some other factors you should consider. The three main things you want in a roofing company or contractor is one that is timely, efficient, and knowledgeable. These three requirements for your roofing company will provide you with high-quality work that will exceed any expectations.

As both a Platinum Preferred Contractor and a UASRC member, we are known as one of those knowledgeable, timely, and efficient contractors. When you choose an award-winning platinum contractor, you can rest assured that you are going to get high-quality service every time. We are “known for fixing Mother Nature’s Messes since 1998.”

There is not a step in the roofing process that we do not take seriously. We take pride in providing quality work every step of the way. Whether it is quoting, planning, or executing a roofing project, we will be there to answer questions and help you to get the best results for your building. Also, we will help you get your roof project completed in a timely manner so that you and your tenants can get back to doing what you do best.

Roofing can be a distraction for companies and interrupt workflow. However, with PRA Roof Contractors, Inc., we can reduce any disruptions and help you to get back to business promptly. Do not settle for less when it comes to your roof. Make sure to get the high-quality materials you need, and your roof completed in a timely manner. With the help of PRA Roof Contractors, Inc., you can have a roof that will last you for years to come.

Getting the right roof is an investment, so make sure to get the best team for the job. Our professionals know all the ins and outs when it comes to roofing, so you can trust that you are getting everything you need and all within your budget. You can also talk to us about the services we offer for gutters and siding.

If you are looking for highly skilled professional roofers, then give us a call at (844) 204-2438. We can make sure that your roof is as good as new or even better. Do not forget to talk to us about our financing options and the warranties we offer. We want to make sure you get the most out of your roof by providing you with the best services available. So, give us a call today for a free quote. You will not even have to wait for someone to come over. We can do virtual scans and remote viewing, which allows us to provide you with a fast, free estimate.

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For more information about our roof replacement, just give us call at (844) 204-2438 . You can also send us an email to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate on our Contact page.

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We Work on Various Areas of Your Building

We are proud to offer the following services to commercial buildings:

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