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PRA Roof Contractors, Inc. has been putting up roofing solutions for homeowners for over two decades now. During that time, we have left well over 30,000 property owners across the South satisfied. Our customers have learned to trust the quality job and premium roofs we put up. From roof repairs to roof replacements and roof installations, we have you covered.
PRA Roof Contractors Inc. is best known for our superior installation of premium Owens Corning roofing materials. However, we do far more. We have had the time to grow as a company and expand our business and services. We can install a roof on your home in any material you need: composition shingles, standing seam, steel, aluminum shake, slate or tile. Additionally, roofing is not all we provide. We also put up siding, install windows, and gutters. We take the time to communicate with our customers and provide relief to their roof problems. Whether it is a minor fix or a complete overhaul, no project is too big for us to handle.

Your Roof

Nobody is thinking about their roof and what it provides day-to-day. To start with, it performs a function. It is the lid to your home, protects you from the elements and all kinds of weather, withstanding hurricanes and thunderstorms, and insulates you from the winter’s freezes and the summer’s heat waves. Without your roof, you could barely call your house a house.  It holds it all together. So, you want to make sure that the roof you have does its job, keeping the outside out and the inside in, and that it does it very well.

But, other than that, it has to have aesthetic appeal. Your roof is a huge part of your home’s overall architecture. It brings the whole design together and must complement the rest of your home’s style. It contributes to your curb appeal, meaning much of your home’s value is stored in the quality of your roof. Each time you replace your roof, you restore that value, improving your cul-de-sac curb appeal, and increasing your home’s resale value.

Not only will replacing falling shingles with a brand-new roof bring your home’s value closer to a new home’s, but you can save in other ways too. An old roof does not just look old. It also begins to function less efficiently. Replacing an older roof means bringing your house to its most energy efficient point. A roof in disrepair, or even just an outdated or aging roof, will let the heat in during the summer and heat out in the winter, costing you plenty throughout the year. Putting an new roof on your home will keep your energy costs low.

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Our Roofing Specialists

  We actually enjoy the process of finding  leaks or any other problem in a faulty roof. Anyone that has tried knows how difficult it can be to diagnose where a roof leak is coming from. We work through this problem solving, to get to the heart of the issue and restore your roof to working order. Sometimes our customers have endured their faulty roofs for days, months, or even years. So, we work hard to make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

We care about our customers above all. We do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. Owens Corning has been able to name us a “Platinum Preferred Contractor” because they know they can count on us after the consistent high-quality installations we have completed using their product.

We are fully insured, so you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. All of our roofers and roofing inspectors are trained and certified to begin with, so we do not have to worry either. Additionally, we are a founding member of UASRC. We have consistently helped repair roofs after crises and storms that hit the area.

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How to Know if You Need Roof Repairs or a Replacement

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your roof needs a tune-up, repairs, or to be completely replaced. However, if you have an expert come in, you can know with certainty whether your roof is still doing its job. It is our priority that you know how well your roof is performing in regards to your safety, your home’s energy efficiency, your energy costs, and your neighborhood’s curb appeal.

When it comes to how long your roof will last, it comes down to the type you have. The underlying structure should last the life span of your home. The roof, on the other hand, will eventually need a full replacement.

Depending on the type of roof you have, it could need replacing anywhere from 12 to 50 years. For example, shingle roofs typically need a replacement at the 12-15 year mark. On the other hand, if you have a metal roof, These can last for 50 years! Sometimes they last up to 75 years, depending on where you live, and how you maintain your roof. Meanwhile, wood shingles or shakes last 10 to 20 years, and most flat roof types will live 10 to 20 years on your home.

However, things can happen. Sometimes something unforeseen damages your roof way before any of these milestones arrive. Hail storms, Hurricanes, and tornadoes cause damage, or a tree could just unexpectedly fall on your home’s roof. Even a small branch could cause significant damage to your roof. Or, it is possible that the material, even if just in one spot, deteriorated faster than expected.

Things to look out for include loose, cracked, damaged, raised, or even missing shingles. If you find shingles that have fallen to the ground, you probably do not need to be told to seek out a professional roofers. Also, be on the lookout for sagging, mold, or rotten wood around the perimeter of your home. Also, signs of any water damage or leaking inside your home. A stain on your ceiling is a good sign the roof is leaking. None of these items should be left alone as they will only get worse with time. Ideally, someone should perform an annual inspection. This way, you catch the small problems, and prevent any major issues in the future.

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We are proud to offer the following services to homeowners:

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