Wind Damage

 Residents of the south are no strangers to hurricane-strength winds. Most residents will try to prepare for these situations. However, Mother Nature is unpredictable, and at times we can be caught in a weather event that causes significant damage to the roof. When this happens, you will want to find a roofing contractor that has the skill and expertise to survey and assess the damage. They should also be able to make a suggestion for an effective solution to the issue. Whether that is total roof replacement or a repair, PRA Roof Contractors, Inc can help you determine the extent of the damage, and begin the process of an insurance claim. We have been working with insurance companies for over two decades and know how to navigate the ins and outs of the insurance system.

Know What to Look For

Even if your neighborhood does not see a direct hit from a hurricane, a roof can sustain damage from winds 45mph or higher. If a roof is not in good condition, winds of a lower speed can potentially cause problems.


The best way to assess damage to your roof is to look for a few potential issues. Missing or torn shingles, indoor leaks or discolored walls are a good sign that there are roof issues that need to be taken care of.

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Missing or Loose Shingles

High winds frequently cause damage to the roofs of homes. The easiest type of damage to spot is missing or loose shingles. Despite using heavy adhesive and nails when laying the shingles, if a storm is severe enough it can loosen and tear shingles off your roof.

If you are doing a roof inspection yourself, it will probably be obvious where shingles are missing. You will likely see exposed flashing or underlayment where there is not a shingle. Fortunately, if your underlayment is intact, and there are no punctures, then you should not see any significant water damage to your roof or home.

Another way that shingles can be torn or loosened from your roof, is through flying debris. If, after a storm, you see tree branches and other debris in your yard, this is a good indication that the roof should be checked.

Damage to Chimneys

Few homeowners probably realize that their chimney is a significant part of their home’s roofing. When roofing is installed, a thin metal flashing is typically placed around chimneys, vents, and other roof features. This flashing seals off the roof from the home and prevents water leaks.

After a severe weather event, if you find yourself inspecting the roof, make sure you get a look at the chimney as well. Look for signs of damage like rust on the flashing, loose or deteriorating caulk, and gaps from lifted seams.

In the interior of your home, usually, the attic, check for water sports, and stained or discolored ceilings and walls. These signs are a good indication that the flashing around your chimney has been compromised.

Check the Gutters

Another way to determine whether your roof has sustained damage during high winds is to check your gutters. Do you see an abundance of asphalt shingle granules in them? If so, your roofing shingles have been compromised. The easiest way to determine the extent of the damage is to go up on the roof and search for shingles that are missing significant amounts of granules. It can be difficult for the untrained eyes to find these spots. Therefore, it is more ideal to hire a professional roofing Contractor, who can spot and verify the damage.

Cracks and Tears

The thermal splitting and cracking of shingles can make your roofing more vulnerable to damage from the weather elements. Additionally, when cracks and tears become evident, water leaks have a higher possibility of happening.

When the weather warms up asphalt shingles will expand. Likewise, they contract when the weather cools down. Over time, if a significant day-to-day difference in weather temperatures is seen, you might begin to notice your shingles cracking or tearing.

Cracking and tearing of shingles is also a good indicator that the brand of shingles used is low quality or defective. A professional roofing contractor can help you determine the right solution.

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Choosing a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners will decide to attempt a roofing project themselves. However, if you are installing anything other than asphalt shingles, you might find that the complicated installation process is more than you can handle.

When you consider any roofing contractor, it is important to consider several things. For instance, you will want to know if they are reliable, honest, trustworthy,

PRA Roof Contractors, Inc has been working in the roofing industry for over two decades, and our team of certified roofers will provide quality service and long-lasting service you can count on.

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