Gutters – How to spot Warning Signs Yours Are Failing

Gutters perform an essential task for your home: preventing irreversible structural damage to the foundation by routing rainwater away from it. So, you should always keep an eye on conditions that might compromise their performance.

As one of the most trusted roof contractors , Professional Roof Applicators Inc shares a list of signs that indicate your gutters need replacing.

  1. Cracking and Splitting – Heavy rainfall can place a huge amount of strain on them. but a well-maintained gutter system should have no problem handling such strain. Note that small cracks and splits can be a problem, however, as the same amount of strain can make the cracks and splits bigger. This can lead to further damage. Sealants can only work as a temporary fix. The sooner they are replaced, the better.

  1. Sagging – Gutter lengths should follow the roofline and should always be straight. Except for a slight lean towards the downspouts. If they are sagging, this is a sign that they are so weak they can’t take the weight of normal rainwater flow. The best way to prevent this is through regular maintenance and cleaning (and investing in gutter protection systems). But if they are already started sagging, it’s probably too late; you will need to buy new gutters.

  1. Peeling Paint and Orange Flecks – Gutters are always exposed to outside conditions. If the paint layer isn’t properly maintained and starts to blister and peel, moisture could invade the bare metal layer and cause it to rust. If you notice orange flecks in the runoff, it means rust has already formed, necessitating replacement. Consider investing in seamless gutters, which are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel. Alternatively, copper gutters do not corrode and eliminate the need for painting.

  1. Water Around the Foundation :   If they fail to perform the task they’re designed which is keeping rainwater away from the foundation then they definitely need to be fixed or replaced. If the concrete pillars that make up your home’s foundation absorb too much moisture, they become brittle and can crumble under the weight of the house, leading to irreversible damage. Fortunately, a simple gutter replacement can help prevent such a catastrophic event from happening.

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