Which Areas of Your Home Need to Be Ready for Spring?

Winter has ended, but even a mild one could have caused some damage to your house. Since spring is only a couple of weeks away, now is the time for you to ready your home. PRA Roof Contractors, Inc., your expert roof replacement contractors, shares a few areas of your home that you need to check on to make sure you’re ready.

The Roof

Your roof no doubt helped keep your home warm through the winter by bearing the brunt of the cold. Check if there are any missing or damaged shingles. If you find any, make sure to check inside the house for evidence of leaks. When examining the roof, it’s best that you don’t step on it due to the possibility of structural damage. Instead, we can send in a contractor when you schedule an inspection.

The Walls and Siding

Your walls might have taken a beating from the cold months. Check them for any damage, particularly under gutter downspouts. There might be stains, which could mean your roof isn’t doing a good enough job allowing water to run off it. If this has led to serious water damage in your home, be sure to hire professional contractor to fix it.

The Windows

Make sure you check the weather-stripping or seals around your window, lest you want to the hot air to enter the house. Replace the ones that have become stiff or break. Also, make sure that you clean the windows to prevent rot.

The Deck

For those with an exterior deck or patio, search for any loose or damaged boards. This can prevent any unexpected accidents at home. Make sure to clean it, and get rid of any leaves trapped between the boards. If it has the wood finish is fading, be sure to clean and reseal it.

If you find damage or are unsure about the state of your home, PRA Roof Contractors, Inc. can provide quality services, including gutter repair services, to set things right. Call us today at (844) 204-2438.

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