Philippine Marriage Traditions

The Korea have a lengthy and abundant history of marriage ceremony customs that reflect the strong family members practices and significance. Most of these marriage traditions are drawn from the Catholic religion, though several native customs still remain.

The Wedding Ceremony

Filipinos often celebrate their weddings in a church, where many traditions and readings will be conducted to represent the union on the couple. The wedding ceremony is also a period when the couple asks for The lord’s blessings to help them with their marriage.

Father and mother Bless the Groom & Bride

The parents of the groom and bride are often asked to offer their benefits to the few during the wedding. The couple definitely will kiss their particular hands or touch the back of their hands to their foreheads, and the parents will say keywords that can vary depending on their very own specific religion.

Godparents Drape a Wide lace Veil Over the Bride’s Shoulder & Groom’s Head

The marriage godparents definitely will drape a ceremonial lace veil more than the bride’s and groom’s brains, a symbol of all their distributed heritage. Then they will shower a bright white cord known as a yugal around them in a amount eight to represent their endless bond of fidelity and to mark the start of their new life together.

Arrhae Endroit Ceremony

The bride will receive a tiny basket of gold or perhaps silver cash from her groom through the Filipino wedding party, called the Arrhae. This money is believed to be a sign of prosperity filipina dating american in their marital relationship and a promise that they will always protect every other’s riches.


One of the most historic and significant Philippine wedding practices is the bayanihan, which involves home-owners grooms lending a hand for their future bride’s family. Typically, this might involve operating errands and performing tasks for their long term future wife’s relatives for a few weeks or months prior to the wedding.

During this method, the would-be bridegroom had to clean your house, get water is to do other responsibilities for their future wife’s relatives until the wedding day. This is not the norm nonetheless it was a way for would-be grooms to show their commitment to their future spouse’s family and gain her trust.

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In pre-colonial times, a bride and bridegroom had been married in a three-day commemoration that started with these people being taken to the home of any priest or babaylan. During the 1st day, the priest became a member of his hands over a bowl of fresh rice and blessed these people. He then pricked the bride-to-be and groom’s chests and drew several blood to symbolize their take pleasure in for each different.

The following day, the few dined on cooked rice from the same bowl and they were given drinks of their blood put together with water. The priest consequently bound their hands and necks with a cord, making them lawfully married.

Money Boogie

The few will flow while the ninongs and ninangs (godparents) pin number cash items on their clothing as a way to want them wealth and pleasure.

Guests Drop Money in a Bowl during the Wedding

Following the wedding, the newlyweds are served a dish of sticky rice truffles that are draped in hand leaves, which usually symbolizes the determination to stick in concert through their lives as spouse and wife. Then they have a selected “bidder” who will bid for them to exchange all their rice bread for a supply of money.

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